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I always hear the question: "What can I compost?" or "Can I compost that?"  Well here are some ideas on composting and some information on stuff to compost and what not to compost. 

Fruits and vegetables are always ok and should be a staple of your composting activities.  Leaves and lawn cuttings are good, but there are some types of lawn stuff that should not be composted.   No ivy, dandelions or tomato plants.  Tomato plants carry diseases that you do not want in your bin and the ivy is very resilient.  It will probably take root and grow rather than compost.  Same thing with dandelions.

Dairy products are generally a NO.  Do not throw cheese, milk, creams or yogurts into your compost bin as they will attract unwanted critters and rats.  However, eggshells are fine.  Cooked rice is generally a no as it is a haven for dangerous bacterias.

Household products: This is an area of confusion as some items are compostable and others you would think should be are not.  Here's an example...newspaper is good...magazines are bad.  The magazine ink is toxic.  Wrapping paper is bad, cardboard is fine. Brown paper bags are also good.

Most leftover foods are ok, but be careful as you do not want to attract unwanted critters such as rats or  raccoons to your compost bin.  Hope these ideas help!

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